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Police Arrest Suspect in Bangkok Blast 08/29 09:38

   BANGKOK (AP) -- Thai authorities arrested a foreign man Saturday they said 
had been holed up in a suburban apartment with bomb-making equipment and stacks 
of passports, the first possible breakthrough in the deadly bombing at a 
Bangkok shrine nearly two weeks ago.

   All television channels broadcast a televised announcement Saturday evening 
on the suspect's arrest, which came 12 days after the bombing that authorities 
have called the deadliest attack in Thailand's modern history.

   Police and soldiers raided the apartment in an eastern Bangkok suburb and 
found bomb-making materials that matched those used in the Aug. 17 blast at the 
Erawan Shrine in central Bangkok, national police spokesman Prawuth Thavornsiri 
said in the televised statement.

   The blast which killed 20 people and injured more than 120 was followed a 
day later by another explosion at a public ferry pier, which caused no injuries 
but exacerbated concerns about safety in the Thai capital, which draws millions 
of tourists.

   "Our preliminary investigation shows that he is related to both bombings," 
Prawuth said, as he showed photographs of what police seized, including 
detonators, ball bearings and a metal pipe that police believe was intended to 
hold a bomb.

   Police chief Somyot Poompanmoung later told reporters that "the bomb 
materials are the same, similar or the same type" as those used in both 

   Police also found "a number of passports from one country," Prawuth said. He 
did not name the country but photographs shown during the broadcast showed 
stacks of passports that appeared to be Turkish.

   Earlier, Prawuth said that authorities had not yet determined his 
nationality and dismissed Thai news reports saying he is Turkish. Images of a 
Turkish passport with the apparent suspect's picture were posted on social 

   "The passport you see is fake," said Prawuth, referring to the online 
photos. "We don't know if he is Turkish or not."

   A photograph of the suspect showed a young man with short brown hair and a 
light beard and mustache.

   Asked what could be the motive for the bombing, the police chief told 
reporters, "it's a personal grudge .. not international terrorism." He did not 
elaborate or give a clear explanation.

   Somyot said the suspect had traveled in and out of the country since January 

   The blast at the Erawan Shrine was unprecedented in the Thai capital, where 
smaller bombs have been employed in domestic political violence over the past 
decade, but not in an effort to cause large-scale casualties.

   The shrine is a popular tourist destination, particularly with Chinese 
visitors, who are an important segment of the lucrative tourist market. At 
least six of the dead were from China and Hong Kong. It sits on the corner of a 
busy traffic intersection with a nearby overhead walkway in a neighborhood full 
of upscale shopping malls and five-star hotels.

   Soon after the bombing, police released an artist's sketch of a man seen in 
a security camera video leaving a backpack at a bench then walking away from 
the open-air shrine. A separate camera showed the man, wearing a yellow 
T-shirt, on the back of a motorcycle taxi leaving the site.

   The man seen in the video was believed to have carried out the bombing, 
which police said was likely planned by a group of people. They indicated in 
Saturday's news conference that the man arrested was not the bomber seen in the 

   "We believe he is a culprit in the same network. More details will be given 
later," Prawuth said.

   No one has claimed responsibility for the blast, sparking a variety of 
theories into who might be behind it.

   Possible suspects include parties seeking to avenge Thailand's forced 
repatriation of ethnic Uighurs to China. Uighurs are related to Turks, and 
Turkey is home to a large Uighur community.

   Other theories included Muslim separatists from southern Thailand, opponents 
of Thailand's military government and feuding factions within the security 

   Police have been criticized for releasing conflicting statements and rapidly 
hosing down the crime scene at the shrine before all forensic evidence was 
recovered. Many accused authorities of rushing to clean up the bomb scene to 
reassure the public --- especially foreign tourists --- that security in the 
city was back to normal.

   Police say they have been handicapped by low-quality and broken surveillance 
cameras and a lack of sophisticated image-processing equipment to clarify the 
fuzzy images in security videos, which were the only firm evidence they had.


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